5 Reasons Why You Should Introduce Smoothies Into Your Daily Routine
No matter what kind of diet you are following, or dietary restrictions you may have you cannot go wrong with introducing delicious nutrient-packed smoothies into your life. Smoothies have the ability to enrich your body with a ton of vitamins...
Meet Danielle - Sequoia Fredericton

I’ve been a massage therapist for 5 years and I knew working at Sequoia would be something special when I was presented with the job 2 years ago.

I love working downtown and feeling a part of the community, I get to work a group of lovely like-minded people and best of all I have amazing clients who continue to support me!

3 Tips For Busy Moms
Nutrition and fitness can be easy, and it can become a way of life for you with practice. Each minute of exercise or good nutritional choice is an investment in yourself and you deserve it!  Chelsey, owner of Sequoia Fredericton shares her 3 Tips fo Busy Moms ! 
Sequoia Must Haves
Here at Sequoia we are always on top of the latest and greatest products in the health food industry. Being in an industry that is always evolving it’s important for myself and my team to be constantly researching and finding new and...
Meet Erica - Sequoia Fredericton
Sequoia is truly the best job I’ve ever had and our staff is a huge part in that. We are so lucky to have such a tight knit team that gets along and works well together. So much so, that myself and the other Registered Holistic Nutritionist on staff created a business together called Whole Body Wellness - a meal guide and nutritional education service. I love how Sequoia is fun, stress-free and makes coming to work everyday easy. Our customers are also fantastic which really makes the job even better!
Alright here we go, PART 3 of my Top 5 Father's Day Gifts from Sequoia Fredericton ! I’m grouping these three products together because I use them in tandem and because I expended too many of my words talking about hot sauce. For...
PART 2: Sequoia's Top 5 Father's Day Gifts with Jonathan
Welcome back for PART 2 of my Top 5 Father's Day Gifts from Sequoia Fredericton ! 1 OF MY SEQUOIA'S TOP 5 FATHER'S DAY GIFTS Heartbeat Hot Sauce – Pineapple Habanero *Available in-store* I originally came across this sauce when a band I enjoy released...
PART 1: Sequoia's Top 5 Father's Day Gifts with Jonathan
When Chelsey asked me for my Top 5 Father's Day Gifts from Sequoia Fredericton  I quickly wrote out four of my favourites but struggled with which one would be the fifth. Not wanting to send an incomplete list, I continued my...
Meet Chelsey Daley - Sequoia Fredericton
In 2017 I decide to dive into the world of entrepreneurship and opened Sequoia, a successful health food store in the heart of downtown Fredericton.