The Most Dynamic Immune Supplements

The Most Dynamic Immune Supplements

The Immune system is comprised of specialized cells, tissues, lymphatic organs and chemical messengers that work together to help you fight off perceived foreign invaders. Foreign invaders are best described as germs, bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi. The foreign invaders' job is to break into the immune system and take over to survive. The role of the immune system is to seek them out and destroy them before they settle in. 

Your immune system is impressive and can recognize if a particular virus has tried to attack before. It can search through its database of information and produce the necessary antibodies against the virus or invader. If the invader or virus is new to your body, it can take up to fourteen days for your body to seek out the invader and create a new antibody to help get rid of it.

Your immune system is so amazingly complex it can remember and recognize millions of different enemies and produce the secretions, chemical messages and cells required to vend off the attack.  It stockpiles several different cells (lymphocytes, plasma cells, phagocytes, killer cells, T cells, etc.) with different functions. Some are trained to attack, others to eliminate, and others to rebuild


Your immune response is influenced by your inherited genes (good or bad); it is also sparked by immunization. Your immune system can weaken due to malnutrition, autoimmune disorders, cancer, medical treatments and medications.

Chronic inflammation can both cause an immune response but weaken your body's ability to fight infection. Therefore, inflammatory conditions put an extra strain on a person's immune response. Blood disorders, bowel disorders, poor digestive health and chronic stress, can also contribute to a weakened immune response.  The health of the immune system also depends on a person's age. As we age, there is a natural reduction in T cells which are responsible for fighting infection.  Did you know that even chronic stress & insomnia cause a strain on your immune system leaving you more vulnerable?

Why Strengthen Your Immune System?

A healthy immune system plays a role in the first line of defence by creating a barrier that stops invaders or antigens from entering the body.   Should a virus or invader slip by a healthy immune system will respond quickly to increase white blood cells and other proteins and chemicals that attack the foreign substance.  It will also work to find the suitable antigen or produce the right antigen before the invader can reproduce.  Supplements are an excellent way to support your immune system, especially when combined with healthy lifestyle choices such as moderate exercise, eating a healthy diet, getting enough sleep and managing stress


Vitamin C For Immunity

Natural Factors Bio C Gel is an excellent choice for Vitamin C because it contains a high-absorption, pH-neutral calcium ascorbate that is easy on the stomach and is enhanced with citrus bioflavonoids. This preferred form of vitamin C is enhanced with citrus bioflavonoids and the proprietary whole fruit blend BerryRich®, to provide the exceptional protection of natural fruit antioxidants.

Natural Factors Balanced C Extra provided enhanced immune support. It combines 500 mg of vitamin C with 350 mg of bioflavonoids for antioxidant and immune support. Bioflavonoids enhance the absorption of vitamin C for better support of the immune system. It provides potent antioxidant protection to reduce free radical damage

Natural Factors C Extra + Quercetin Bioflavonoids is the dynamic duo.  This immune formula combines the antioxidant benefits of vitamin C and the bioflavonoid quercetin in a synergistic 2:1 ratio providing a complementary effect, making them more effective and powerful when taken together for immune support and cardiovascular health.

Natural Factors Quercetin LipoMicel Matrix is an Incredibly effective and unique antioxidant that boosts the immune system and reduces inflammation. It contains an enhanced source of quercetin that is used in herbal medicine to protect blood vessels and protect against oxidative stress. It is 10 times higher absorption than regular quercetin

Cold & Immune Fighting Powerhouse Supplements

Natural Factors ECHINAMIDE® Anti-Viral harnesses the power of nature to help you fight viruses. A proprietary blend of clinically proven ECHINAMIDE with well-researched antiviral herbs, this formula helps relieve symptoms and shorten the duration of colds and flu up to three times faster.   It is also provided effective relief for sore, irritated throats  and fight off infections, especially of the upper respiratory tract 

Natural Factors Organic Oregano Oil is clinically proven against bacterial and viral infections, parasites and superbugs.  It provides potent antibacterial activity and is effective against multidrug- antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria. It may even stop bacteria from reproducing and is suggested for bacterial infections. It offers powerful antioxidant protection, immune system support and is used to help relieve various respiratory conditions and seasonal

Natural Factors Black Elderberry produces an anti-inflammatory response and may help with pathogens that have affected the upper respiratory system, reducing their effect and symptoms. Elderberry may also reduce the rate of entry of a virus into a cell, and upon infection, reduce the viral transmission to other cells. Natural Factors Black Elderberry features ElderCraft®  hand-harvested in Austria and extracted using a unique solvent-free process.

Natural Factors Super Immune formula combines seven essential nutrients to help maintain immune system function, connective tissue formation, and healthy mucous membranes. It features critical immune-enhancing co-factors such as Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Zinc, Magnesium and Omega 3 that work in harmony to promote immune health


Top Up Vitamins & Minerals for Immune Health

Natural Factors Sun Vitamin D3  comes in 1000iu and now 2500 for extra immune support. Medical experts agree if you are deficient in Vitamin D, you could be more susceptible to infection. Adequate levels of vitamin helps ward off viruses that cause upper respiratory illness, especially in the winter

Natural Factors Zinc Lozenges combine the essential nutrients zinc and vitamin C, along with a full-spectrum organic echinacea extract and black elderberry extract, to help maintain immune function and soothe irritated upper airway membranes. The delicious, naturally flavoured honey blossom and cherry lozenges dissolve in the mouth to relieve cold and flu symptoms, such as cough, sore throat, and mucous congestion.


Information in this article is not meant to treat or diagnosis. It is presented for informational purposes only 
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