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NATURAL CALM Magnesium Chloride Spray (Lavender - 237 ml)

NATURAL CALM Magnesium Chloride Spray (Lavender - 237 ml)

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NATURAL CALM - Magnesium Chloride Spray w Lavender - 237 Millilitre(s) - NPN: 80038257 -- Pure Magnesium-Rich Sea Minerals for Topical Use Relaxes tense muscles Eases aches and pains Softens and smooths skin Helps with restless legs Treats magnesium deficiency Highly absorbableMagnesium Chloride Gel is a form of topical magnesium chloride that is absorbed quickly through the skin, delivering magnesium directly to cells.Provides measurable relief from muscle tension, spasms, cramps, aches and pains and it softens skin!Use Magnesium Chloride Gel at your massage therapy session, after a workout, a long day hunched over a desk or anytime you experience symptoms of magnesium deficiency. To relieve intense muscle pain, make a compress by rubbing the gel into the affected area and covering with a wet, hot towel. Allow the heat to drive the magnesium into the muscles. Repeat as desired.Formulated with plant-based Amigel for easy application, Magnesium Chloride Gel is equivalent in strength to our Magnesium Chloride Spray and is half the potency of our Magnesium Chloride Liquid.Magnesium Gel is a combination of Magnesium Chloride Liquid and Amigel, a thickener and carrying agent. Its designed for massaging into tight, sore muscles, aching joints and anywhere you feel tension.Each ml contains 225 mg of magnesium chloride equivalent to 60 mg of elemental magnesium.

Medicinal Ingredients
  • Magnesium chloride470 mg
Non-Medicinal Ingredients
  • Distilled Water
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