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W.GIFFORD-JONES Medi C Plus w/ Magnesium (Berry - 300 gr)

W.GIFFORD-JONES Medi C Plus w/ Magnesium (Berry - 300 gr)

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DR GIFFORD JONES - Medi C Plus w/ Magnesium - 300 Gram(s) - NPN: 80069904

Humans do not make Vitamin C like animals do; we need to supplement this essential vitamin to meet our daily needs. Inadequate amounts of Vitamin C means poor collagen. Vitamin C and Lysine work together to build collagen, which strengthens and holds together the coronary cells. Coronary arteries, closest to the heart, receive the greatest pressure. Without enough Vitamin C the collagen weakens. This sets the stage for heart attack or stroke. Healthy collagen also supports healthy teeth, gums, cartilage, bones, connective tissue and wound healing. The antioxidants in Medi-C Plus also support and help maintain good health.
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